Lyrics: Donna Creighton and Jo-Ann Lawton
Music: Donna Creighton
Bandura: Hania Metulynsky
Producer: Louise Fagan

"Look" is about the Canadian Government's First National Internment Operations during the period of 1914-1920 which interned Ukrainian Canadians in Concentration Camps across Canada.

With the outbreak of World War I, the War Measures Act (1914) was implemented as a result of an Order In Council by the Canadian Government. This resulted in the internment of 8,579 "enemy aliens" of which over 5,000 were Ukrainians who had emigrated to Canada from territories under the control of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. It also meant an additional 80,000 individuals (of which the vast majority were Ukrainians) were obliged to register as "enemy aliens" and then required to report to local authorities on a regular basis.

These internees were used to develop Canadian infrastructure as "forced-labourers". They were used to develop Banff National Park, the logging industry in Northern Ontario & Quebec, the steel mills in Ontario & Nova Scotia, and in the mines in British Columbia, Ontario & Nova Scotia. This infrastructure development program benefited Canadian corporations to such a degree that the internment was carried on for two years after the end of World War I.

These people were primarily Ukrainian/Canadian citizens, who because of their country of origin, were persecuted by Canadians, their land taken away. They were consequently herded up, their land taken away, their homes taken away, their families separated, some were shot and the rest were made to work for free. Banff Alberta for example, all of the bridges made of small stones were built by the hands of men who came to Canada to have a better life. Some had lived here for 20 years already.

"Look" tells their story.